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DC-Motor Controllers and Drivers

Model: A000079
The Arduino Motor Shield is based on the L298 driver. This module is able to control DC motors, stepper motors, relays and solenoids.  Specifications: Input voltage: 5-12V DC Motor controller: L298P (for 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor..
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DFRobot 2x15A DC Motor Driver
Model: DFROBOT-DRI0018 Brand: DFRobot
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Model: DRV8833MOD
A motor control for two DC motors or a bipolar stepper motor (2 phase stepper motor). The names of the connections are visible on the PCB. Specifications: Voltage range (signals): 0-5V Voltage range (power supply for motors): 3-10V DC ..
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Model: L293D
A commonly used motor driver with built-in H-bridges to control, for example, two DC motors or a (small) stepper motor. See the datasheet for more information...
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This shield is based on an Adafruit shield and offers control for two servo motors and four DC motors or two bipolar/unipolar stepper motors. The shield has a shift register built in which can save a large number of pins. Specifications: ..
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Model: L298N
A motor controller for two DC motors. Specifications: Voltage range (signals): 0-5V Voltage range (power supply for the motors): 5-35V DC Maximum current (per bridge): 2A See the following page for a tutorial: Arduino Modules - L298..
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Model: L9110S
A motor controller for two DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor, consisting of two L9110S chips. The names of the connections are visible on the PCB. See the datasheet under the tab "Downloads" for more information...
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Model: M5STACK-K050 Brand: M5Stack
The Atom H-Driver Kit is an H-bridge motor driver module based on a DRV8876. The kit consists of two parts: An M5Stack Atom Lite and the H-Driver module. With this module a DC motor or other resistive or inductive load can be switched. Specificati..
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Model: M5STACK-K073 Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€32.23
Model: M5STACK-M025-B Brand: M5Stack
The GoPlus2 from M5Stack is a DC motor and servo driver that is controlled by an STM32F030 chip. This module contains 2 DC motor ports, and 4 servo motor ports. In addition, the GoPlus2 also has 3 Grove-B (GPIO) ports, and it is possible to receive a..
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Model: M5STACK-M021 Brand: M5Stack
The LEGO+ Module a motor driver especially for LEGO® motors. The module can control a total of 4 LEGO® motors. The module also has an XT30 connector to power the module. Specifications: Input voltage: 6-12V DC I2C address: 0x56 M..
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Model: MX1508MOD
This small module can control two DC motors. Specifications: Supply voltage: 2 - 9.6V DC Signal voltage: 3.3 - 5V Maximum continuous current per bridge: 1.5A Maximum peak current per bridge: 2.5A Number of channels: 2 Mounting hole..
Ex Tax:€2.07
A PWM controller with MOSFET and easy to use potentiometer to, for example, easily control a DC motor (speed) or LED (dimming). The names of the connections are visible on the printed circuit board. Specifications: Voltage range: 4.5-28V ..
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With this HAT for the Raspberry Pi you can control two DC motors. Specifications: Input voltage: 4-36V (max 12V recommended due to heat development) Maximum current: 1A SN754410 Driver PWM control possible to control the speed See..
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RZ7886 DC Motor Driver 7A - 8-pin DIP
Model: RZ7886
With this DC motor driver you can easily control a motor in two directions. The built-in flyback diodes protect the chip from inductive loads, such as the coils of a motor...
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Model: TB6612FNG
A breakout board of a 1A Dual motor driver that is very easy to use. The pin headers are included. This can be soldered yourself if necessary. Read more about it here. Note: This is not an original product of sparkfun, but it functions in such a w..
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Waveshare DC Motor Driver Module for Raspberry Pi Pico - 4 Channels
Model: WS-19764 Brand: Waveshare
A DC motor driver module with 4 channels specially made for the Raspberry Pi Pico. The module has a built-in voltage converter that can power the Raspberry Pi Pico, so there is no need for a separate power supply for the Pico and the motors. Due to t..
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Model: WS-9724 Brand: Waveshare
With this Motor Control Shield you can control up to four DC motors or two stepper motors at the same time. With a jumper, the power supply circuit for the motors can be adjusted so that it receives a variable output voltage. Doing so allows motors w..
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Model: WMHR8833
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: ZK-PP2K
A handy PWM controller for driving and testing DC motors. This controller has 2 different operation modes with which the behavior of the DC motor can be set. In addition to the buttons on the front of the screen of this controller, there is another c..
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