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Model: M5STACK-U078
The AI Camera Unit-V is a camera module that runs on a Kendryte K210 chipset. The board has a 64-bit dual-core RISC-V CPU along with an OV2640 on board, which makes for good photos in low light and th..
Ex Tax:€16.53
Model: M5STACK-U078-D
The AI Camera Unit-V is a Linux-based camera module that runs on a Sigmstar SSD202D chipset. The board has a 32-bit dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU along with a GC2145 camera sensor on board. Together, this m..
Ex Tax:€66.12
Model: M5STACK-A068
This is a battery module for M5Camera. This module adds 400mAh to the battery capacity. This module can be used together with an M5 Camera module. Specifications: Battery type: Li-Po Cap..
Ex Tax:€4.13
Model: M5STACK-U082-X
This is an ESP32 based camera from M5Stack. It has a built in battery and is designed to have a very low standby current. The module has a USB-C connection with which it can be programmed and/or ..
Ex Tax:€15.29
Model: M5STACK-U109-X
This is a DIY camera kit from M5Stack, with which the M5Stack CameraX module or M5Stack CameraF module can be built. This kit contains both the lens for the CameraX and CameraF module, and you can cho..
Ex Tax:€18.18
Model: M5STACK-U007
This is a camera module based on an ESP32 and OV2640 chipset. The module has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. The board can be powered and programmed via the USB-C connection. Specifications: ESP..
Ex Tax:€12.40
Model: M5STACK-K027
An AIOT (AI + IOT) camera with a Kendryte K210 processor on board. This is a 64-bit dual-core RISC-V CPU together with an OmniVision OV7740 on board. Together this ensures good photo's in low light an..
Ex Tax:€39.67
Model: M5STACK-U078-M12
Ex Tax:€81.82
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