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Signal Generators and DACs

A PWM module with LCD screen and 8 buttons for control. Specifications: Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 30V Frequency Response: 1Hz ~ 150KHz Frequency Accuracy: Accuracy in each range is approximately 2% Signal load capacity: the output current..
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Model: DFROBOT-DFR0971 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€11.98
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0552 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€5.37
DFRobot Gravity I2C 4-20mA DAC Module - Digital to Analog Current Converter
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0972
This is an I2C DAC module that provides 0-25mA current. It provides a more accurate 4-20mA current output after calibration...
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Model: ES9018K2MDAC
A DAC module with very low THD and noise that works with I2S (inter-IC sound), suitable for converting digital audio to an analog stereo signal...
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Model: ES9023DAC
A DAC module that operates on the I2S (inter-IC sound) interface, suitable to convert a digital audio signal to an analog signal. Operates on a 5V input voltage. Specifications: Input voltage: 5VDC Samplerate: 192 KHz Chip: ES9023 of ES9..
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Model: PSDAC
This high quality DAC converts an S/PDIF signal into analog stereo signal to the RCA and/or 3.5mm output. This board uses an advanced chip from Texas Instruments which ensures high quality audio. Specifications: Input voltage: 5V via micro U..
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Model: M5STACK-U068 Brand: M5Stack
The M5STACK DAC HAT is a module made for the M5StickC. The module works via I2C communication with the M5StickC. Specifications: Output voltage: 0~3.3V Resolution: 12 bit DAC Chip: MCP4725  I2C address: 0x60 1x 2 Pin HT3.96 conn..
Ex Tax:€6.20
Model: M5STACK-U012 Brand: M5Stack
This is a 12-bit DAC module for M5Stack. The module works via I2C communication. Specifications: Output voltage: 0~3.3V Resolution: 12 bit DAC Chip: MCP4725 I2C address: 0x60 2x LEGO<sup>&reg;</sup> compatible holes ..
Ex Tax:€4.55
M5STACK DDS Unit - Signal Generator Module - AD9833
Model: M5STACK-U105 Brand: M5Stack
This is a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) signal generator module with a Grove connection from M5Stack. This unit uses the AD9833 chip with which a certain desired signal can be generated. Specifications: Chip: AD9833 Signal output amplit..
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Model: MCP4725
With this DAC (Digital to Analog, Converter) module you can set an analog signal on the output that can be programmed via I2C. The I2C address can be changed by removing the solder at "ADDR" on the left and making a soldered connection on the right ..
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Model: NE555MODULE
An adjustable pulse generator module with the NE555 chip. The output of the module is a square wave with a duty cycle of 50%. Specifications:: Input voltage: 5-12V DC Output frequency : 4Hz-1.3kHz (adjustable via potentio meter) 3 pin co..
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Model: PCF8591
This module has 4 analog to digital (A/D) converters, 1 digital to analog (D/A) converter and 3 built-in sensors: A light sensor, a temperature sensor and a potentiometer. The sensors are connected via the included 2P jumpers, if a built-in sensor is..
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Model: PCM5102MK2.0DAC
A DAC module that operates on the I2S (inter-IC sound) interface, suitable to convert a digital audio signal to an analog stereo signal. This is version 2.0 of this board with a 3.5mm audio jack connector...
Ex Tax:€6.61
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