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Light and Color

Model: BH1750FVI
This light sensor has a large range en can be used (for example) to adjust the backlight of an LCD screen by measuring the available lighting. This module has a sensing range form 1 - 65535 lx. Sp..
Ex Tax:€2.89
DFRobot Ambient Light Sensor - 0-200klx
2-4 Weeks
Model: DFROBOT-SEN0390
Ex Tax:€8.68
DFRobot Gravity AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Sensor
2-4 Weeks
Model: DFROBOT-SEN0364
Ex Tax:€17.36
Model: GL5528
A photosensitive resistor (LDR) to measure the amount of light. The resistance varies based on the amount of light the LDR receives. See the datasheet under the tab "Downloads" for more information. ..
Ex Tax:€0.25
Model: GL5537-1
A photosensitive resistor (LDR) to measure the amount of light. The resistance varies based on the amount of light the LDR receives. See the datasheet under the tab "Downloads" for more information. ..
Ex Tax:€0.25
Detects change in light with this adjustable module. Operates on 3.3V t/m 5V. The output D0 is HIGH when the light intensity drops below the threshold. When the light intensity is above the th..
Ex Tax:€2.07
A light sensor (TEMT6000) especially for LilyPad products. By reading out the analog voltage you can measure the light intensity in your environment (measuring on "S" pin) This sensor works on 5V DC. ..
Ex Tax:€3.31
Model: M5STACK-U009
The M5Stack Color Unit is an RGB color sensor module for M5Stack. The module works via I2C communication. Specifications: Sensor: TCS3472 I2C address: 0x29 2x LEGO® holes for mounting G..
Ex Tax:€10.33
Model: M5STACK-U065
This is a laser receiver module with Grove connection for the M5Stack.  This works together with the M5Stack Laser TX Unit. Specifications: Wavelength receiver: 650nm 2x LEGO® com..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: M5STACK-U021
This is a module with an LDR sensor for M5Stack. Specifications: LM393 LDR sensor Adjustable digital output via potentiometer 2x LEGO® compatible holes 1x Grove connection (1x Grove cab..
Ex Tax:€4.55
Model: ML8511MOD
With this module based on an ML8511 chip you can easily measure the UV light intensity inside and/or outside. The module measures both UV-A and UV-B light and gives an analog output signal. Specifi..
Ex Tax:€4.55
Model: PCF8591
This module has 4 analog to digital (A/D) converters, 1 digital to analog (D/A) converter and 3 built-in sensors: A light sensor, a temperature sensor and a potentiometer. The sensors are connected vi..
Ex Tax:€2.89
With the Pyscan from Pycom you can easily equip your WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, FiPy or Gpy with a RFID-NFC sensor, accelerometer and light sensor. Specifications and features: Accelerometer: ST LIS2H..
Ex Tax:€28.93
With this indoor laser sensor module you can detect laser signals in order to send digital signals via the laser. Specifications: Input voltage: 5V DC Binary output signal (0 or 5V) Can be used in ..
Ex Tax:€1.65
Model: SEEED-101020580
The Grove light, gesture, color and proximity sensor from Seeed Studio is based on the TMG39931 sensor. This sensor has advanced gesture detection, proximity detection, digital ambient light detection..
Ex Tax:€14.05
Model: TCS3200DMOD
With this sensor you can detect the color of an object. There are four LEDs on the module as a light source. In the middle is the TCS3200D color sensor (upgraded version of the TCS230 sensor). Spe..
Ex Tax:€6.20
Model: TCS34725MOD-RECT
This sensor module can detect the color of an object. The module has two LEDs as a light source with the color sensor in the middle. Because of the built-in level converter, the sensor can be used wit..
Ex Tax:€2.89
Model: TEMT6000MOD
With the TEMT6000 light sensor module you can easily read out the amount of light in an analog way. With this module, a 3-pin header is supplied to solder onto the module. The module also has a 3mm ..
Ex Tax:€2.48
With this module you can easily measure the UV light intensity indoors and/or outdoors. The module provides an analog output signal. Specifications: Supply voltage: 3.3-5V DC Maximum curren..
Ex Tax:€4.13
Model: WS-16864
With this HAT you provide your Raspberry Pi with various sensors that communicate via I2C. The HAT is designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero, but also works with other models. In addition, the module can ..
Ex Tax:€30.17
A shield with a BH1750FVI light sensor for the (Wemos) D1 Mini. The shield works with I2C and the I2C address is adjustable.(see PCB) Specifications: Range of light intensity: 1 - 65535 lx ..
Ex Tax:€2.89
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