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Model: DFROBOT-DFR0151 Brand: DFRobot
With this RTC (Real Time Clock) module it is very easy to keep track of time. In addition, this module also has a built-in EEPROM to store data that is not lost when the power supply fails...
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0469 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€8.68
Model: M5STACK-U126 Brand: M5Stack
This is an RTC module from M5Stack. With the built-in battery this module allows you to keep track of the time even when the power supply fails. Specifications: Supply voltage: 5V DC Signal voltage: 3.3V RTC: Chip: HYM8563 Commu..
Ex Tax:€5.37
Model: DS3231RPIMOD
An DS3221 high precision realtime clock for a Raspberry Pi. Communication via I2C. Specifications: Input voltage: 2.3 - 5.5 VDC Time accuracy: 5 ppm (0.432 s / day offset) Full calendar function up until the year 2100  Outputs of ..
Ex Tax:€2.89
Model: RTCDS3231M-MOD
With this RTC (Real Time Clock) you can easily keep track of the time. In addition, this module contains a battery holder in which a CR-1220 battery can be placed. When the main power supply of the module fails, the battery will temporarily take over..
Ex Tax:€6.61
Model: WS-3707 Brand: Waveshare
A Real-Time Clock module with I2C "pass-through". This module has both a male and female headers for the I2C connections, which provides more flexibility. Specifications: Supply voltage: 1.8-5.5V DC Signal voltage: 1.8-5.5V Communication..
Ex Tax:€3.31
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