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IO Converters

Model: DFROBOT-DFR0520 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€5.79
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0504 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€18.18
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0576 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€7.02
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0565 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€14.88
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0759 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: DFROBOT-TEL0153 Brand: DFRobot
Ex Tax:€24.38
Model: HC4067MOD
With this module you can determine with four addresspins(S0-S3) which of the 16 pins (C0-C15) is ultimately connected to the signal (SIG) pin. This way, with four digital pins and an analog pin, a total of 16 analog pins can be measured by alternatin..
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: TCA9548A
This TCA9548A module gives you the possibility to connect devices with the same I2C address to the same SDA/SCL pin. It is possible to control a maximum of 8 devices with the same I2C address via 1 microcontroller. The default I2C address of the mod..
Ex Tax:€2.89
With this module it is very easy to convert all pins of an LCD screen of 16*2 or 20*4 characters into a compact I2C connection. Equipped with a header and jumper for On/Off, a potentiometer for contrast and the option to set the I2C address. (with..
Ex Tax:€2.48
Model: HX711MOD
A small module that is needed to correctly read load cells. The HX711 chip amplifies the signal so that the variations of the load cell can be digitally processed on the Arduino. Specifications: Voltage range: 5V DC* Nominal power consump..
Ex Tax:€1.65
Model: M5STSACK-U041-B Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€9.92
Model: M5STACK-M133 Brand: M5Stack
The AIN4-20mA Module 13.2 is a module that can read sensors that provide an analog signal between 4-20mA. The analog signal is converted by the built-in microcontroller (STM32G030) to a digital value that can be read out via I2C. The module supports ..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Model: M5STACK-U161
The Ext Encoder Unit from M5Stack is a module to which an external rotary encoder can be connected. This module supports AB/ABZ signal input which can then be read out via I2C by means of a built-in microcontroller (STM32F030)...
Ex Tax:€6.61
Model: M5STACK-U011 Brand: M5Stack
This is a pin extender module with a Grove connection for M5Stack. The module works via I2C communication.  Specifications: Chip: PCA9554PW Number of additional IO pins: 8 I2C address: 0x27 2x LEGO® compatible holes 1x Grove..
Ex Tax:€3.31
Model: M5STACK-U011-B Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€7.85
Model: M5STACK-S002 Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€8.26
Model: M5STACK-U040-B Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€9.09
Model: OS-PCF8575IOEXP
Do you have too few IO pins, but do you have an I2C bus at your disposal? Then you can use this module to create more (standard) pins. Specifications: Supply voltage: 2.5 - 5.5V DC Signal voltage: 2.5 - 5.5V (same as supply voltage) GPIO..
Ex Tax:€3.10
Model: P82B715P
With two of these chips it is possible to use an I2C connection over a much longer distance. Where the maximum distance is normally limited to a few meters, with the help of these chips it is possible to send signals up to 50m (under ideal conditions..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: PCF8574EXPMOD
Do you have too few IO pins, but do you have an I2C bus at your disposal? Then you can use this module to create more (standard) pins. De PCF8574 works on both 3.3V and 5V. (output equal to input voltage) Specifications: Voltage: 2.5 -..
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: PCF8574N
Do you have too few IO pins, but do you have an I2C bus at your disposal? Then you can use this IC to create more IO pins. Specifications: Supply voltage: 2.5 - 6V DC Signal voltage: 2.5 - 6V (same as power supply) Maximum IO output curr..
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: PIS-0702
Plug & Play USB device from Ryanteck that adds 28 GPIO pins to your PC, Mac or Linux computer! Specifications: 28 GPIO pins 40 Pin header  Compatible with most Raspberry Pi accessories en HATs Package Contents: 1..
Ex Tax:€12.40
Model: AD620-MODULE
This instrumentation amplifier module can be used to amplify AC or DC signals. Both the gain and the offset are adjustable with the built-in potentiometers. Specifications: Supply voltage: 3 - 12V DC (maximum 11V DC recommended) Input sign..
Ex Tax:€5.37
With this module you can easily measure a voltage up to 25V DC with your Arduino. The module has a voltage divider with 1% accurate SMD resistors. This voltage divider ensures that the voltage becomes 5 times smaller. (25V thus becomes 5V and 5V be..
Ex Tax:€0.83
Model: WS-15667 Brand: Waveshare
With this serial expansion HAT from Waveshare it is possible to expand a Raspberry with extra UART channels and extra GPIO pins. Specifications: Signal voltage: 3.3V Expansion chip: SC16IS752 Number of additional UART channels: 2 ..
Ex Tax:€9.92
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