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IO Converters

Model: HC4067MOD
With this module you can determine with four addresspins(S0-S3) which of the 16 pins (C0-C15) is ultimately connected to the signal (SIG) pin. This way, with four digital pins and an analog pin, a tot..
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: TCA9548A
This TCA9548A module gives you the possibility to connect devices with the same I2C address to the same SDA/SCL pin. It is possible to control a maximum of 8 devices with the same I2C address via 1 m..
Ex Tax:€2.89
With this module it is very easy to convert all pins of an LCD screen of 16*2 or 20*4 characters into a compact I2C connection. Equipped with a header and jumper for On/Off, a potentiometer for con..
Ex Tax:€2.48
Model: M5STACK-U040
This is an expansion hub unit with multiple Grove connections for the M5Stack. Specifications: 1 to 6 Grove outputs TCA9548A for data transfer from I2C slave units Multiple PaHubs can..
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Model: M5STACK-U041
The M5Stack PbHub is a single-bus Grove PortB expander with a built-in Atmega328 microcontroller.  Specifications: Built-in Atmega328 microcontroller 6x Grove PortB interface 1x Grov..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: M5STACK-U011
This is a pin extender module with a Grove connection for M5Stack. The module works via I2C communication.  Specifications: Chip: PCA9554PW Number of additional IO pins: 8 I2C addres..
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Model: PCF8574EXPMOD
Do you have too few IO pins, but do you have an I2C bus at your disposal? Then you can use this module to create more (standard) pins. De PCF8574 works on both 3.3V and 5V. (output equal to inpu..
Ex Tax:€2.07
PCF8574N I2C IO Expander - 8 bit - 16-pin DIP
Model: tmePCF8574N
Do you have too few IO pins, but do you have an I2C bus at your disposal? Then you can use this IC to create more IO pins. Specifications: Supply voltage: 2.5 - 6V DC Signal voltage: 2.5 - ..
Ex Tax:€2.07
Model: RTk.GPIO
Plug & Play USB device from Ryanteck that adds 28 GPIO pins to your PC, Mac or Linux computer! Specifications: 28 GPIO pins 40 Pin header  Compatible with most Raspberry Pi acces..
Ex Tax:€12.40
With this module you can easily measure a voltage up to 25V DC with your Arduino. The module has a voltage divider with 1% accurate SMD resistors. This voltage divider ensures that the voltage becom..
Ex Tax:€0.83
Waveshare Serial Expansion HAT - 2 UART Channels and 8 GPIOs - for Raspberry Pi
Model: WS-15667
With this serial expansion HAT from Waveshare it is possible to expand a Raspberry with extra UART channels and extra GPIO pins. Specifications: Signal voltage: 3.3V Expansion chip: SC16IS7..
Ex Tax:€9.92
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