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Model: DFROBOT-DFR0260
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Model: DFROBOT-DFR0259
Ex Tax:€9.09
Model: M5STACK-T002
The ATOM Tail485 from M5Stack is an RS485 converter designed for the M5ATOM. The Tail485 is used to convert RS485 signals to TTL. Specifications: Built-in DC/DC converter (12V -> 5V) 1x 4 Pin HT3.96 connection Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 9m..
Ex Tax:€7.44
Model: M5STACK-K045
The Atomic RS485 Kit is an M5Atom compatible TTL to RS485 converter. This kit consists of 2 parts: an M5ATOM Lite, and the RS458 module. The voltage regulator in the ATOM RS-485 converts the 12V in the RS485 to 5V for the power supply of the M5Ato..
Ex Tax:€14.05
Model: M5STACK-M011
This is an extension module for the M5Core for more connectivitiy. It is possible to reassign the   pins for the TTL and RS485 connections. Specifications: Connectors: 2x I2C 1x CAN 1x RS485 1x TTL; CAN control..
Ex Tax:€12.40
Model: M5STACK-U094
This is an Isolated RS485 module with a Grove connection for M5Stack. This module converts TTL level to RS485 level. The module works via UART communication. Specifications: Max signal transmission rate: 500Kbps Supports up to 256 devices ..
Ex Tax:€8.68
M5STACK LAN PoE W5500 V1.2 Base - for M5Core
Model: M5STACK-K012-C-V12
Ex Tax:€48.76
Model: M5STACK-K012-B-V12
Ex Tax:€31.41
M5STACK M5Stamp RS485 Module
Model: M5STACK-S001
Ex Tax:€7.85
Model: M5STACK-U067
The M5STACK RS485 Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC*. This module has a TTL to RS485 converter with a built-in 12V to 5V DC-DC converter.  Specifications: TTL to RS485 converter DC-DC buck converter 12V to 5V 1x 4 Pin HT3.96 interfa..
Ex Tax:€4.55
Model: M5STACK-U034
This is a module with a TTL to RS485 converter with a Grove connection for M5Stack.  Specifications: TTL to RS485 converter 2x LEGO® compatible holes 1x 4 Pin HT3.96 connection 1x Grove connection (1x Grove cable included) Pa..
Ex Tax:€5.99
Model: RS485USBCH340
A USB to RS485 adapter using the CH340 chip.  The A and B signals of the RS485 interface are stated below the green screw terminal connector. The drivers can be found here: Windows Driver Mac OSX Driver Linux Driver Android D..
Ex Tax:€2.48
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