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With this CAN Shield you can make contact with your Arduino with a CAN bus, for example from a car. The shield uses the MCP2515 CAN Controller chip in combination with the MCP2551 CAN transceiver. Specifications: SPI speed up to 10Mhz CAN..
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USBtin is an open source USB to CAN interface for monitoring and transmitting CAN messages. It's easy to use and has a virtual comport on your computer that can be controlled with simple commands...
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Model: M5STACK-K057 Brand: M5Stack
The Atom CAN Bus Kit is a CAN Bus module from M5Stack. The kit consists of two parts: An M5Stack Atom Lite and the CAN Bus module. With this module, a project can easily be connected to a CAN Bus network. Specifications CAN Bus Module: CAN B..
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Model: M5STACK-U085 Brand: M5Stack
This is a CANBus module with a HY2.0 4P (Grove) connection for M5Stack. The module works via UART communication. Specifications: CAN Bus chip: CA-IS3050G Maximum number of bus nodes: 110 Maximum transfer speed: 1Mbps Se..
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Model: M5STACK-M011 Brand: M5Stack
This is an extension module for the M5Core for more connectivitiy. It is possible to reassign the pins for the TTL and RS485 connections. Specifications: Connectors: 2x I2C 1x CAN 1x RS485 1x TTL; CAN controller: MC..
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Model: M5STACK-K012-C-V12 Brand: M5Stack
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Model: MCP2515MOD
An CAN bus controller with MCP2515 chip suitable to connect every standard microcontroller with a CAN bus. Communication goes via an SPI connection. Specifications: Input voltage: 5 VDC Data rate: 1 Mb/s CAN version 2.0b The terminatio..
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This cable is suitable for the CAN bus shield and converts the pins of the RS232(DB9) connector to a standard OBD2 connector that is suitable for most cars. See the images for the pinout...
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Model: SEEED-103030215
With this CAN bus shield from Seeed Studio you can connect your Arduino Uno (or a compatible variant) to a CAN bus, for example that of a car. Specifications: CAN Bus: Tranceiver chip: MCP2551 Controller chip: MCP2515 Maximum tra..
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Model: WS-14882 Brand: M5Stack
An RS485 and CAN bus module in one from Waveshare, specially made to use as a HAT in combination with a Raspberry Pi SBC. In addition, this module can also be used separately with another microcontroller via the through hole pins...
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Model: WS-3945 Brand: M5Stack
With this module you can provide certain microcontrollers with a CAN bus interface. For example, ESP32 based boards have a built-in CAN bus (TWAI) controller...
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