Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field
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This hall sensor is the compatible version of the A3144 hall sensor from Allegro.You can therefo..
€0.30 Ex VAT: €0.25
This door switch has a built-in reed relay/contact that can be switched with the supplied magnet. T..
€2.50 Ex VAT: €2.07
A hall sensor module with an already soldered Hall Effect switch on the board. Please note:This modu..
€1.50 Ex VAT: €1.24
A compass module to (for example) determine the direction of a driving vehicle.Works with an I..
€5.50 Ex VAT: €4.55
The MPU-9250 sensor contains a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, 3-axis MEMS gyroscope and 3-axis MEMS magn..
€9.00 Ex VAT: €7.44
This hall sensor is the compatible version of the SS49E hall sensor from Honeywell. The output of t..
€0.35 Ex VAT: €0.29
This module is the replacement for the HMC5833L module. (HMC5883L chip is no longer produced)A c..
€4.00 Ex VAT: €3.31
This module can detect a magnetic field. The reed relay makes contact when a magnet comes close. Th..
€2.00 Ex VAT: €1.65