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Model: RB-00002 Brand: Robobloq
Ex Tax:€61.98
A set to make a 2 DOF servo spinner. Comes with various bolts, nuts and a bearing...
Ex Tax:€3.72
Model: SEEED-114991551
The Crazyflie 2.1 is a versatile open source drone development platform that weighs only 27 grams and fits in the palm of your hand. Not only is it a good flier, the Crazyflie 2.1 is also equipped with a low latency/long range radio and Bluetooth ..
Ex Tax:€177.69
This car can easily be assembled to a small car. The car is powered by 2 motors and has 1 caster wheel in the front. By controlling the speed of the left and right motors the car is able to go forwards, backwards, left and right.  This kit i..
Ex Tax:€9.92
This car can easily be assembled to a small car. The car is powered by 4 motors for fast acceleration. By controlling the speed of the left and right motors the car is able to go forwards, backwards, left and right. This kit includes: 2x Mo..
Ex Tax:€11.57
This kit is easy to assemble into a small robot. The drive is via 2 motors for fast acceleration, there are 2 swivel wheels on the front and back. By controlling the speed of both motors, the car can move backwards, forwards, left and right. This..
Ex Tax:€9.92
Two light slot sensor modules for the DIY car kits. With these modules the speed of the wheels can be measured. These light sensors have a small piece in which the light is sent to a phototransistor. The phototransistor then responds to this when ..
Ex Tax:€3.72
Model: LILYGO-H247
The LilyGO T-Thruster is a kit based on an ESP8266 microcontroller and two DC motors. The kit can be used to make a remote-controlled airplane, for example with styrofoam. See the following page to get started with T-Thruster and download the App,..
Ex Tax:€9.09
An intelligent DIY car kit that can follow a black colored line on the ground using 2 white LEDs and 2 photosensitive resistors. This car does not need to be programmed, and it is only necessary to solder all parts to the PCB mounting plate. The car ..
Ex Tax:€7.44
Model: M5STACK-U102 Brand: M5Stack
The Catch Unit is a robotic gripper from M5STACK. With a single servo and a gear mechanism, both arms of the gripper are moved. The unit has several places with which it can be attached to LEGO®. Specifications: Supply voltage: 4.2-6V DC S..
Ex Tax:€7.02
Model: M5STACK-K036-B Brand: M5Stack
There is no product description available yet. See the following page for information about this product: M5STACK RoverC Pro Hat - for M5StickC Note: This product does not have a protection circuit for the 16340 Li-ion battery. Therefore, always t..
Ex Tax:€64.46
A DIY car kit from Open-Smart with omnidirectional wheels. With these wheels it is possible to make many more types of movements, for example lateral movements, than with traditional wheels. This kit contains all the stuff you need (except for the ba..
Ex Tax:€41.32
Model: RB-00010A Brand: Robobloq
This by stickers 'programmable' toy train is the perfect educational toy for kids who love trains and creativity by introducing them to the world of programming. By sticking the different colored stickers on the track you program the train so that it..
Ex Tax:€32.64
This aluminum mechanical robot gripper can be used to grab and move small objects around. With mounting holes for a servo motor. Specifications: Weight: 68 g (without servo) Maximum gripper width: 55 mm Two 3mm holes for mounting the gri..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: T050000
The TinkerKit Braccio is a fully operational robotic arm, controlled via Arduino. It can be assembled in a variety of ways for multiple tasks such as picking up objects. It is also possible to attach a camera or solar panel to the arm. The Braccio ro..
Ex Tax:€219.01
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