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Model: M5STACK-U080 Brand: M5Stack
The 18650C Hat is a base with a built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery for the M5StickC*. This provides the M5StickC with a much larger battery capacity. The module is built in such a way that another Hat can be placed on it. The battery can be charged via ..
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Model: M5STACK-U069 Brand: M5Stack
This is a module with a 16-bit analog to digital converter for M5StickC. The module works via I2C communication. Specifications: Measuring voltage range: 0~12VDC Chip: ADS1100 Resolution: 16-bit I2C address: 0x48 2x LEGO® compatible ..
Ex Tax:€9.09
Model: M5STACK-U134 Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€6.20
M5STACK C-Back NB-loT Hat - SIM7020G - for M5StickC
Model: M5STACK-A113 Brand: M5Stack
A module from M5Stack that makes it possible to connect to the NB-IoT network with an M5StickC (Plus). Note: No M5StickC is included with this product...
Ex Tax:€16.94
Model: M5STACK-U077 Brand: M5Stack
The M5Stack CardKB Hat is a keyboard module for the M5StickC*. Specifications: I2C communication I2C address: 0x5F Multi-key support Designed for use with the M5StickC* Package contents: 1x CardKB Hat *Note: The M5Stic..
Ex Tax:€5.37
Model: M5STACK-U068 Brand: M5Stack
The M5STACK DAC HAT is a module made for the M5StickC. The module works via I2C communication with the M5StickC. Specifications: Output voltage: 0~3.3V Resolution: 12 bit DAC Chip: MCP4725  I2C address: 0x60 1x 2 Pin HT3.96 conn..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: M5STACK-U053-D Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€12.81
Model: M5STACK-U074 Brand: M5Stack
The M5Stack Finger Print Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC* with a built-in FPC1020SC fingerprint sensor.  Specifications: Built-in FPC1020SC sensor Designed for use with M5StickC* UART communication UART settings: Baudrate:..
Ex Tax:€19.83
Model: M5STACK-U118 Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€40.50
Model: M5STACK-U079 Brand: M5Stack
With this M5Stack JoyC Hat you can turn an M5stickC to a wireless controller. For example, this can be used as a wireless robot/game controller. RGB LEDs are located under each joystick to indicate the direction of the joystick. The JoyC Hat has a 1x..
Ex Tax:€14.88
Model: M5STACK-U073 Brand: M5Stack
The M5Stack Joystick Hat is an expansion module for the M5StickC*. It can be used as a robot or game controller.  Specifications: I2C communication I2C: adres 0x38 Omni-directional movement Pushbutton Designed for use with the M..
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: M5STACK-U061 Brand: M5Stack
The NCIR Hat is a temperature sensor expansion for the M5StickC*. This module has a built-in MLX90614 infraredsensor that's able to measure the temperature of various objects, including the human body.  Specifications: Input voltage..
Ex Tax:€9.92
Model: M5STACK-U071 Brand: M5Stack
The NeoFlash Hat is a RGB LED-matrix from M5Stack. The PCB has 126 individually programmable RGB LEDs that can be used for applications such as colorful light animations and displaying time. This module is designed for easy use with the M5StickC*, bu..
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Model: M5STACK-U054 Brand: M5Stack
This is a PIR motion sensor module for the M5Stick.  Specifications: Delay time: 2s Quiescent current: <60uA Detection distance: approximately 150cm Angle of Sensor: <100° Package content: 1x PIR Hat See the ..
Ex Tax:€4.13
Model: M5STACK-U060 Brand: M5Stack
The Proto Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC*. This module has an experiment PCB with 40 holes on which various components can be soldered**. Specifications: Circuit board: 40 holes Pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1 inch) Package contents: ..
Ex Tax:€2.89
Model: M5STACK-U060-B Brand: M5Stack
The Proto Plus Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC*. This module has an experiment PCB with 168 holes on which various components can be soldered. Specifications: Circuit board: 168 holes Pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1 inch) Package contents:..
Ex Tax:€2.48
Model: M5STACK-K036-B Brand: M5Stack
There is no product description available yet. See the following page for information about this product: M5STACK RoverC Pro Hat - for M5StickC Note: This product does not have a protection circuit for the 16340 Li-ion battery. Therefore, always t..
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Model: M5STACK-U067 Brand: M5Stack
The M5STACK RS485 Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC*. This module has a TTL to RS485 converter with a built-in 12V to 5V DC-DC converter.  Specifications: TTL to RS485 converter DC-DC buck converter 12V to 5V 1x 4 Pin HT3.96 interfa..
Ex Tax:€4.55
Model: M5STACK-U075 Brand: M5Stack
The M5STACK Servo Hat is add-on module for the M5StickC*. The module contains a PWM controlled ES9251II servo and can be attached at the top of a M5StickC. This Hat is programmable with Arduino and UIFlow (Blockly, Python). For more information, s..
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Model: M5STACK-U055 Brand: M5Stack
This is a speaker module for the M5 Stick. This module has a built-in PAM8303 amplifier and a small speaker. Specifications: Input voltage: 5V DC PAM8303 amplifier (single channel D-class) Max. power: 3W  Package content: ..
Ex Tax:€4.13
Model: M5STACK-U072 Brand: M5Stack
This is a time-of-flight distance module for the M5StickC*.  Specifications: Sensor: VL53L0X Max. range: 2m Processing time: <30ms Wavelength laser: 940nm I2C address: 0x29 Package contents: 1x ToF Hat *Note:&..
Ex Tax:€7.85
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