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EM4100 key tag for the RDM630 RFID reader.Frequency: 125kHz Color: Blue..
€0.80 Ex VAT: €0.66
The M5Stack FACES RFID module is based on a MFRC522 and uses the 13.56MHz frequency. Specif..
€10.00 Ex VAT: €8.26
This is a module with an RFID chip reader and a Grove connection for the M5Stack. The module works v..
€9.00 Ex VAT: €7.44
RDM6300 RFID Reader - 125kHz 2-4 Weeks
This RFID reader reads 125kHz RFID tags with the EM4100 protocol (such as the EM4100 Key Tag). ..
€4.00 Ex VAT: €3.31
WIth this RFID kit you can read Mifare tags and cards for your project.Specifications:Vol..
€4.50 Ex VAT: €3.72
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This PN532 RFID module can also send data via NFC, in addition to sending and receiving Mifare tags...
€8.00 Ex VAT: €6.61
Extra Card for the RFID Kit. ..
€1.00 Ex VAT: €0.83
Extra Key Tag for the RFID Kit. ..
€1.00 Ex VAT: €0.83
An S50 Mifare tag sticker.Specifications:Diameter: 25 mm Thickness: 0.1 mm Frequency:..
€1.00 Ex VAT: €0.83