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Model: DFROBOT-SEN0359
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A disposable ECG electrode made of fabric to connect to an ECG device. The electrode has an adhesive layer that attaches it to the skin and can be thrown away after use. Specifications: Di..
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Model: AD8232-ECGKIT
This ECG kit uses the AD8232 chip to measure your heart rate. This kit contains: AD8232 module 3 Disposable ECG electrodes (spare electrodes can be ordered here) Connection wire for the E..
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Model: MAX30102MOD
With this heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter you can easily read information from a person such as heart rate (in graph), heart rate (in BPM), SPO2 and body temperature via a finger. A library of th..
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Model: HRM-2511B
With this optical sensor from Kyto you can measure your heart rate. The heart rate sensor is intended to be used as an ear clip. For more information on the specifications see the following page's:..
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Model: M5STACK-M034
This ECG Module 13.2 from M5Stack can be used to measure your heart rate. Specifications: Input voltage: 5V DC Communication: UART (115200bps) Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 13.2mm Package co..
Ex Tax:€29.75
Model: M5STACK-A066
This is an M5Stack FACES fingerprint module. Specifications: Interface Serial UART2 (16/17) FPC1020A algorithm chip Sensor surface area: 192*192 Pixels Pixel resolution: 256 grayscale l..
Ex Tax:€14.88
Model: M5STACK-U074
The M5Stack Finger Print Hat is an add-on for the M5StickC* with a built-in FPC1020SC fingerprint sensor.  Specifications: Built-in FPC1020SC sensor Designed for use with M5StickC* U..
Ex Tax:€19.83
Model: M5STACK-U008
The M5Stack Finger Print Unit is a fingerprint sensor module with built-in FPC1020A.  Specifications: Built-in FPC1020A sensor 2x LEGO® holes for mounting Grove interface UART comm..
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Model: M5STACK-U029
The M5Stack Heart Rate Unit is a heart rate sensor module. The Heart Rate Unit has a built-in MAX30100 sensor that measures heart rate through a finger.  Specifications: Built-in MAX3010..
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Model: SEEED-101020058
An EMG detector from Seeed Studio for measuring activity in the muscles of the human body. The EMG detector measures small signals coming from the muscles, that signal is then amplified and filtered. ..
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Model: WS-13694
With this module a fingerprint can be read with a PC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other microcontroller. The fingerprint reader is connected via UART or USB. Specifications: Supply voltage: 3.3-..
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