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ML8511 UV Light Sensor Module

ML8511 UV Light Sensor Module
ML8511 UV Light Sensor Module
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  • Model: ML8511MOD
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With this module based on an ML8511 chip you can easily measure the UV light intensity inside and/or outside. The module measures both UV-A and UV-B light and gives an analog output signal.


  • Input voltage: 3.3-5V DC
  • Input current (peak): 500uA
  • Input current (standby): 0.1uA
  • Output voltage: See datasheet
  • Wavelength detection range: 280-390nm
  • 3mm mounting hole
  • PCB dimensions: 12.8x11.6mm

For more information, see the datasheet under the tab "Downloads and links".


  • VIN: 5V Input Voltage
  • 3V3: 3.3V Input voltage, or 3.3V output voltage when the module is powered with 5V on the VIN pin
  • GND: Ground
  • OUT: Analog output of the module
  • EN: Enable pin: Connect this pin to GND to let the module go into standby mode
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