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Solar Chargers

This solar charger is based on the CN3065 chipset. With this module it is possible to connect a solar panel and a Li-ion or Li-Po battery to your project. The solar panel can charge the battery and power the system. A micro USB cable can also be conn..
Ex Tax:€3.31
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0264
Ex Tax:€4.96
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0559
Ex Tax:€7.85
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0535
Ex Tax:€24.38
DFRobot Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery
2-4 Weeks
Model: DFROBOT-DFR0580
Ex Tax:€25.21
Model: SEEED-106990020
With this shield for the Seeeduino/Arduino Uno you provide the microcontroller with a Li-Po/Li-ion battery connection and a connection for a solar panel . Furthermore, this shield makes it possible to charge the battery via micro-USB or the..
Ex Tax:€10.74
Model: SOLREGU1224
Solar panel battery regulator with built-in LCD display. This module regulates charging and discharging of the battery powered by solar panels. Specifications: Built-in micro controller Nominal battery voltage: 12/24V Current (charging):..
Ex Tax:€9.09
Model: WS-16120
With this module, a Li-ion/li-Po battery can easily be charged with a solar panel (battery and solar panel are not included). If there is not enough sun, the battery can also be charged via the micro USB connection (micro USB cable is not included). ..
Ex Tax:€8.68
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