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Model: M5STACK-K038-B
Note: This product does not have a protection circuit for the 16340 Li-ion battery. Therefore, always turn off the product after use with the switch to prevent the battery from discharging too far. If the protection circuit of the battery of the M5St..
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Model: M5STACK-K016-H Brand: M5Stack
There is no product description available yet. See the following page for information about this product: M5StickC PLUS Note: The link refers to the standard M5StickC Plus. This is the M5-Watch version, this is a standard M5StickC Plus with e..
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Model: M5STACK-K126 Brand: M5Stack
The M5Stick-T Lite is a compact thermal camera development kit with an MLX90640 sensor...
Ex Tax:€81.82
Model: M5STACK-K016-C
M5StickC is a development board based on an ESP32 chipset. It has, among other things, a built-in screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 80 mAh battery. The board has a USB-C connection with which it can be programmed and/or powered. The programming langua..
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Model: M5STACK-K016-P Brand: M5Stack
M5StickC Plus is a development board based on an ESP32 chipset that supports BLE 4.2 and WiFi. Like the standard M5StickC, it has integrated sensors and modules such as infrared, RTC, microphone, LED, IMU, PMU, buttons, and so on. Improvements over t..
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