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Budget Wireless Soldering iron 8W - 3x AA Battery

Budget Wireless Soldering iron 8W - 3x AA Battery
Budget Wireless Soldering iron 8W - 3x AA Battery
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With this budget wireless soldering iron you can easily solder mobile.

With this soldering iron a very fine pointed point is delivered with which you can do almost all the standard soldering work.


  • Voltage: approximately 4.5V DC (3x AA battery)
  • Power soldering iron: 8W (Note:the batteries must each be able to supply at least 1.8A at 1.5V to achieve 8W)
  • Supplied with pointed soldering tip
  • Protective cap included
  • Heating element is incorporated in the tip (for local heating)
  • Small tube with 1mm soldering tin included  
  • Is warmed up within 15 seconds (depending on the type of batteries!)
  • Cooled down within about 30 seconds.
  • Can be used for about 1 hour with new batteries (depends on the capacity and quality of the batteries)

Instructions for using the soldering iron:

  1. Insert three AA batteries into the soldering iron
  2. Slide the black button forward
  3. Press and hold the yellow button to solder (the soldering point will become hot within 15 seconds!)

We have tested this soldering iron ourselves with Panasonic Alkaline Power AA batteries and this works great for the standard soldering work. However, please note that the soldering iron is only 8W and therefore will not be able to solder large soldering surfaces.
In addition, the soldering iron will work less with empty batteries or batteries that can not deliver high currents.

Note:Only an English manual is included with this soldering station! (manual is on the packaging)

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