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5V relay 8-channel low-active

5V relay 8-channel low-active
5V relay 8-channel low-active
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  • Model: 5VREL8
  • SKU: 000162
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A module with four relays on board.
This version works on 5V. The input works on 0V and 5V (active low).
The relay therefore switches if there is a 0V signal on the input ("IN") and does nothing (not switched) with a signal of 5V.


  • Voltage (control): 5V DC
  • Current per relay (when switched on): ~70mA (~560mA total)
  • Maximum voltage through relay: 250V AC or 110V DC
  • Maximum current through relay: 10A (up to 240V AC) or 10A (up to 28V DC)

Note: The power consumption of this module can be up to approximately 560mA if all relays are switched on. This current is too high for most Arduino's. So make sure you have an external power supply if necessary.

Connecting to the Arduino:

  • Connect the GND to the GND of the Arduino
  • Connect the Vcc to the 5V of the Arduino
  • Connect the IN pin with the desired pin on the Arduino to control the relay
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