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5V relay 2-channel low-active

5V relay 2-channel low-active
5V relay 2-channel low-active
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  • Model: 5VREL2L
  • SKU: 000085
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A moduele with two relays on board.
This version works on 5V. The input works on 0V and 5V (Active low).
The relay therefore switches if there is a 0V signal on the input ("IN") and does nothing (not switched) with a signal of 5V.


  • Voltage (control): 5V DC
  • Current per relay (when switched on): ~70mA (~140mA total)
  • Maximum voltage through relay: 250V AC or 110V DC
  • Maximum current through relay: 10A (up to 240V AC) or 10A (up to 28V DC)

Connecting to the Arduino:

  • Connect the GND to the GND of the Arduino
  • Connect the Vcc to the 5V of the Arduino
  • Connect the IN pin with the desired pin on the Arduino to control the relay
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