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Auspicious Key Switch

Auspicious Key Switch
Auspicious Key Switch
Auspicious Key Switch
Auspicious Key Switch
Auspicious Key Switch
  • Availabilty: Directly available from warehouse in Eindhoven
  • SKU: 003270
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This key switch from Auspicious consists of three parts. The lower part is the contact block, which also determines the electrical specifications of the switch. This part can be replaced by others of the same size. With this switch it is possible to use a total of two contact blocks. In the case of this switch, both contact blocks are pressed when the key is turned. For spare and/or extra contact blocks see the following pages:

The top part is the key switch itself, and the middle part brings the key switch and contact block together. Just like the contact block, the key switch is removable/replaceable from the center piece.


  • Maximum number of contact blocks: 2 (It is possible to add a third, only it will not respond by turning the key)
  • Mounting diameter: 22mm
  • Maximum thickness of mounting material: 10mm
  • IP value: IP65
  • Dimensions: See images

For contact block specifications see the page(s) above.

Package contents:

  • 1x Key switch
  • 1x Normally open contact
  • 1x Normally closed contact
  • 2x Key
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