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Magnetic Switches

Model: MC-38
This door switch has a built-in reed relay/contact that can be switched with the supplied magnet. This set consists of two parts: reed relay with wires and the magnet. Both are incorporated in a plastic housing that can be glued or screwed with the two 3mm holes. Specifications: Maximum vo..
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Model: REED2*14
A small magnet in front is the only thing necessary to connect both pins!  Make sure to minimize the current, otherwise the pins can melt together due to sparks. Therefore, it is not advisable to switch an LED with a reed relais. Note:  The product can be shipped with green of white ..
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This module can detect a magnetic field. The reed relay makes contact when a magnet comes close. The sensitivity can practically not  be adjusted with the potentiometer. The reed relay usually makes/does not contact (and not half) However, a limit value must be set with the potentiometer so t..
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The Sonoff DW1 door sensor detects whether a door (or window) is opened by means of a reed relay and then sends a 433MHz RF signal. This signal can then be captured with the Sonoff 433MHz RF-WiFi Bridge. This way you can, for example, automatically turn on the lights or trigger an alarm. Specifi..
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The Sonoff SNZB-04 is a very handy wireless (magnetic) door/window sensor that works with the ZigBee protocol. With this device you can easily transmit a signal to other devices when a door or window is opened and then switch on a lamp, for example. It is also possible to set up a notification when ..
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