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Light slot Sensor Module - 10mm

Light slot Sensor Module - 10mm
Light slot Sensor Module - 10mm
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This light sensor has a small area in which the light is sent to a phototransistor.
The phototransistor responds accordingly when the light is transmitted. This means that this module can detect whether something is in the light slot or not.
Such types of systems are often used to measure the speed by means of a disc with grooves.
The type of light is infrared and therefore does not react to visible light.

The module has 4 pins that are listed on the module:
- VCC (3.3V to 5V)
- GND (earth/min/ground)
- OUT (indicates whether the light barrier is open or closed)

The width of the groove is 10mm so you can place an object with a maximum width of 10mm between the sensor.

The use of this module can be up to 15mA. (largely the consumption of the LED)

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