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DIY USB Power Bank 1000mA - White

DIY USB Power Bank 1000mA - White
DIY USB Power Bank 1000mA - White
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A DIY power bank with a complete DC-DC converter to boost the Li-ion voltage to 5V USB voltage. For this powerbank kit you only need a Micro USB cable and a 18650 Li-ion battery. The converter module has a built-in Li-ion charge and protection circuit against over and under voltage, over temperature (chip) and short circuit protection.

This power bank is a plug-and-play module and has no buttons. There are LEDs that indicate the status for discharging, charging and fully charged.


  • Input voltage (IN): 5.0V
  • Input current: max 1000 mA
  • Output voltage (OUT): ~ 5.1V  (USB voltage)
  • Output current: max 1000 mA
  • Minimum output current: 60mA*
  • Battery cut-off voltage: approximately 2.95V
  • Battery charge voltage: 4.2V ± 1%
  • Return: max 91%
  • Standby current: max 30μA
  • Input: Micro USB connector
  • Output: USB-A female connector
  • Color: White housing with a white lid

Note:   This DIY Power Bank is only suitable for use with standard 18650 batteries  without protection circuit  with the dimensions 18mm x 65mm. In our webshop, the 18650 batteries from Panasonic and Samsung are  suitable and the 18650 batteries from Keeppower are not suitable.

* At a lower current, the DC-DC converter will turn off after about 8 seconds and go into standby.

Battery connections:

  • Plus: Without spring
  • Min: With spring
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