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Without Protection Circuit

Model: DFROBOT-DFR0667 Brand: DFRobot
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Model: DFROBOT-DFR0668 Brand: DFRobot
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Li-ion Charger with DC Jack - 3S - 12.6V - 2A
Model: CHARGER3S12.6V2A
This charger is suitable for charging a Li-ion/Li-Po battery pack safely. The charger first charges the pack with a constant current (CC) and then switches to a constant voltage (CV). This makes the pack last longer and prevents an empty pack from be..
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Model: SEEED-106990290
The Seeed Studio Lipo Rider Plus is a module that charges a Li-Po/Li-ion battery via USB-C. The module has a 5V 2.4A USB-A output. Furthermore, the module has 4 LEDs as a battery indicator and it is possible to mount pin headers. Via the pin headers ..
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Model: TP4056
A fairly simple li-ion charger with mini-USB connection. Specifications: Charging current: 1A (maximum) Maximum charging voltage: 4.2V (1.5% accuracy) Input voltage: 4.5V-5.5V Two LED's indicating the status of loading Mini-USB input..
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Model: XTARMC1
This compact 1x li-ion cell charger has various functions and can easily be connected via USB (computer or USB charger) as power supply. Specifications: Compatible with various Li-ion cells from 10440 cells up to 26650 (including a 18650 cel..
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