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Li-Po Battery 3.7V 2600mAh

Li-Po Battery 3.7V 2600mAh
2-4 Weeks
Li-Po Battery 3.7V 2600mAh
  • Availabilty: 2-4 Weeks
  • Model: LIPO2600MAH
  • SKU: 001404
Ex Tax: €13.64

This compact Li-Po battery can be used for various applications. These cells have a built-in protection circuit.

For more information see the datasheet under the tab "Downloads".

Note: Before connecting, always check that the polarity of the battery plug matches the polarity of the connector on the product to which the battery is connected. If necessary, swap the wires in the battery connector. The polarity may vary from batch to batch. Therefore, always carry out this check individually for each battery.

Note: This Li-Po battery is only shipped with parcel post because it is fragile and potentially dangerous if damaged.

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Brand Cellevia
Manufacturer model/SKU LP654290
Minimum operating temperature [°C] 0
Maximum operating temperature [°C] 43
(see datasheet for exact specifications)
General physical appearance
Main color Gray/silver
Weight [g] 55
Dimension X [mm] 90
Dimension Y [mm] 42
Dimension Z [mm] 6.5
Battery circuit
Protection circuit Yes
Safety features Short circuit
Undervoltage detection (UVP) [V] 2.75
Overvoltage detection (OVP) [V] 4.20
Chemistry Li-Po
Rechargeable Yes
Capacity [mAh] 2600
Minimum cell voltage [V] 2.75
Nominal cell voltage [V] 3.7
Maximum cell voltage [V] 4.2
Maximum continuous discharge current [A] 2.6
Maximum charging current [mA] 2600
Battery connector(s) JST-RCY (compatible) female
Wire/cable length [m] 0.15
Package contents
Package contents 1x Li-Po battery

Product FAQ

There is no standard defining the polarity of the JST plug of a Li-Po. Therefore, manufacturers of Li-Po's and manufacturers of battery powered products can determine the polarity themselves. As a result, it regularly happens that the polarity does not match. To avoid damage, it is important to always check the polarity before connecting a Li-Po.

Fortunately, this is fairly easy to solve by removing the wires from the JST plug and connecting them the other way around. Use a thin object such as tweezers to lift up the plastic tabs of the JST connector. Then carefully pull the wires out of the plug. Now put the wires back in the plug the other way around.

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