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Eneloop - Rechargeable Battery - 4x AAA 750mAh

Eneloop - Rechargeable Battery - 4x AAA 750mAh
Eneloop - Rechargeable Battery - 4x AAA 750mAh
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The Eneloop batteries have a few unique features compared to standard rechargeable Ni-MH batteries:

  • Can be loaded and unloaded up to 2100x.
  • After a year, the charged battery still contains 90% of its capacity (after 5 years still 70%) This makes the battery ideal for energy-efficient applications.
  • The voltage gradient of the Eneloop batteries is more favorable because they retain their voltage for a longer period of time.
  • The maximum current that an Eneloop battery can give is higher than with normal Ni-MH batteries (especially because it can hold the voltage better).
  • At low temperatures the Eneloop battery perform better than normal rechargeable batteries.

The Eneloop batteries can be charged with a charger that is suitable for Ni-MH batteries, for example this one: Eneloop USB Battery Charger.

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Brand Eneloop
General physical appearance
Main color White
Weight [g] 13
Form factor AAA
Chemistry Ni-MH
Rechargeable Yes
Anode shape Button top
Capacity [mAh] 750
Nominal cell voltage [V] 1.2
Package contents
Package contents 4x Rechargeable AAA Battery

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