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Door Solenoid 24V 1A - JF-S0837DL

Door Solenoid 24V 1A - JF-S0837DL
Door Solenoid 24V 1A - JF-S0837DL
  • Availabilty: Directly available from warehouse in Eindhoven
  • Model: JF-S0837DL-24V
  • SKU: 002073
Ex Tax: €6.61

This door solenoid works with an electromagnet. The spring pushes the pin outwards by default, but the pin is pulled in when the solenoid is activated.


  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current: ~1A at 24V (only for short-term use (10s))
  • Current (max for long-term use): 300mA (current must be regulated back yourself, this is possible with PWM for example)
  • Force: 15N
  • Stroke length: 10mm
  • Dimensions (frame): 55 x 20 x 26mm  (width can deviate slightly due to the coil windings)
  • Dimensions (with door latch): 64 x 20 x 26mm 
  • Has four mounting holes with M3 threads
  • Cable length: ~ 20cm

This solenoid has no fixed polarity, so the voltage can be connected in two ways resulting in the same effect.

Note: We do not recommend activating the solenoid for a long time. This solenoid is intended for short-term use.

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