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LED Matrix 8*8 with MAX7219 Module - Compact

LED Matrix 8*8 with MAX7219 Module - Compact
LED Matrix 8*8 with MAX7219 Module - Compact
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A LED Matrix of 8*8 red LEDs that are controlled with the MAX7219 chip.
This module can easily be connected to another module due to its compact size.
This way you can make a larger display.

The power supply must be 5V and the pins are listed on the PCB.

Pin headers are included with this module.

A tutorial about this module in combination with an Uno can be found here: 16x8 LED dot matrix with MAX7219 module.
This tutorial requires 2 modules, but one can also do a few things with one module on the basis of the tutorial.

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Use a stable, CE-approved power supply with the correct voltage that can supply sufficient current. The maximum current that an LED can draw is indicated on the product page. Multiply this number by the number of LEDs to calculate the total maximum current. This maximum current is the minimum current that the power supply must be able to supply.

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