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LCD Keypad Shield

LCD Keypad Shield
LCD Keypad Shield
  • Availabilty: Directly available from warehouse in Eindhoven
  • Model: LCDKEYPAD
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A shield with an LCD and 5 usable buttons. (The reset button can only be used for the reset function) 

With this shield it is very ease the quickly connect an LCD screen to your Arduino.

For a quick start you can find more information here. (Note: use the "V1.0" version of the code!)

Note: Possibly the contrast of the display has to be calibrated with the blue potentiometer. This precise potentiometer can make 25 full turns! 
When no text is visible, turn clockwise. When only blocks are visible, turn counter-clockwise.

Note: This product contains a design flaw that could cause pin D10 on your Arduino to be overloaded if it sends a high signal. Make sure you use software that does not control pin D10 or only controls via a low signal! See this page for more information about this problem: Arduino LCD Backlight Fix.

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