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3.2 inch TFT Display 320*480 pixels - Mega-Due Compatible - ILI9481

3.2 inch TFT Display 320*480 pixels - Mega-Due Compatible - ILI9481

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Model: 3.2TFT320X480ILI9481
SKU: 001787
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This display can be mounted on an Arduino Mega or Due. It has a fairly high resolution of 320*480 pixels and is also quite large with 3.2 inch LCD size.
The display is already equipped with level converters and therefore ready to use on an Arduino Mega/Due.
The screen has an ILI9481 chip that controls the LCD screen and also has a standard SD card reader built in. (Eg to store images or text)


  • Screen size: 3.2 inches
  • Resolution: 320*480 pixels
  • Type of LCD: TFT
  • LCD Driver IC: ILI9481
  • Interface: 16-bit parallel interface
  • PCB dimensions: 90 x 54.25mm oR 92.5mm x 57mm (depending on supplied version from our supplier)
  • Voltage: 4.5-5.5V DC
  • IO voltage: 3.3-5V (with level converter converted to 3.3V for the display)
  • Power consumption: approx. 80~110mA
  • Pinout: see images

To get the display working you can use the UTFT library.
After installation, open this example for the Arduino Mega:
UTFT --> Arduino (AVR) --> UTFT_Demo_480x320
Or this example for the Arduino Due:
UTFT --> Arduino (ARM) + Teensy --> UTFT_Demo_480x320
Once the example has been opened, some adjustments are needed to get the "UTFT_Demo_480x320" example working:
This line:
UTFT myGLCD (CTE32HR, 38,39,40,41);
Needs to be changed to this:
UTFT myGLCD (ILI9481,38,39,40,41);

Next you can use the example to test your LCD screen and use the demo as the basis for your own program.

Note: The appearance of this display may differ slightly because our supplier may supply a slightly different version where the circuit board size is different. However, this is mostly similar and are controlled in the same way.

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