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SD Card Adapter Module 3.3V-5V

SD Card Adapter Module 3.3V-5V
SD Card Adapter Module 3.3V-5V
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  • Model: SDADAP
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An SD card adapter that works with SPI. The module works with with a 3.5V of 5V supply and needs to be controlled with 3.3V signals.
The pins are shown on the PCB:

Pin Description
(2x) GND Ground, min
+3.3 Direct +3.3V supply*
+5 +5V supply that is converted to +3.3V*
CS 3.3V CS signal
MOSI 3.3V MOSI signal
SCK 3.3V SCK signal
MISO 3.3V MISO signal

* You may never use the +3.3V and +5V connected at the same time, just one of the two.

Please Note: You need a level shifter for the 3.3V signals if you are using 5V Arduino. You can find it here.

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