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CAN Bus Shield - MCP2515

CAN Bus Shield - MCP2515
CAN Bus Shield - MCP2515
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  • Model: CANSHIELD
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With this CAN Shield you can make contact with your Arduino with a CAN bus, for example from a car.
The shield uses the MCP2515 CAN Controller chip in combination with the MCP2551 CAN transceiver.


  • SPI speed up to 10Mhz
  • CAN V2.0B with speeds up to 1Mb/s
  • Standard (11 bit) or extended (29 bit) data
  • Standard DB9 connector (see link below for pinout)
  • Separate CAN-high and CAN-low output (blue terminal connector)
  • LED indication for Power (PWR), TX, RX and Interrupt (INT)
  • Switch to toggle between CAN bus voltage ("ON" mode) or Arduino voltage ("OFF" mode)
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno, Mega and Leonardo
  • Shield comes with separate headers that can be soldered.

This shield is largely compatible with CAN-Bus shield from Seeedstudio: ​​CAN-BUS Shield V1.2. (see link for more information)

Note: This shield may be supplied with a different combination of pin headers: 2x 8P, 2x 6P and 1x 2x3P (the pins "ADC 6 and 7" do not have to be soldered)

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