Pickup - Adjusted due to coronavirus

Besides shipping your order, it is also possible to pick it up.
Pickup is usually possible on the same day or the next day, depending on how busy it is. After your order has been placed, we will process it and you will receive an email notification that it is ready for pickup. Order pickup is possible during our standard opening hours at our pickup point(Opening hours, location and exeptions are mentioned on this page: Contact & Location).

To minimize contact, we currently only accept online payments.

Please pay attention to the following:
We have thought for a long time whether it is wise to open our pickup point, given the strict measures regarding the corona virus. Many of our customers have asked us to offer pickup again as an option as it is faster than shipment. Because of the measures taken, we do have a longer processing time for pick-up orders compared to the time before the coronavirus outbreak. We want to avoid having to include the costs of a longer processing time in our products and therefore temporarily charge a fixed amount for picking up an order based on the order amount. Once the measures by the government and/or municipality have been lifted, the fixed amount will be removed again. See the following table for the fixed amounts:

 € 0.00 - € 24.99 € 25.00 - € 49.99 € 50.00 - € 74.99 € 75.00 or more
Cost for Pickup (incl. 21% VAT)€ 3.00€ 2.00€ 1.00€ 0.00

We recommend at all times to have your order shipped if pickup is not strictly necessary, especially for larger amounts where shipping is free. If we see an large rise in number of pickup orders that could endanger the health of our employees, we will be forced to temporarily block the pickup option again.