Pickup - Adjusted due to coronavirus

Update 15-2-2021 : Due to the new measures, pickup is possible again in combination with a time slot and a minimum order amount of €2.00. Although picking up may be easier for you, we continue to advise you to have your order shipped as much as possible.

This is how collection with a time slot works:
Step 1: Add all required products to the shopping cart.
Step 2: Go to the product Pick up with Time slot.
Step 3: Select a date and time slot for order pickup.
Step 4: Add the product by clicking on "add to cart".
Step 5: Complete the order as usual.
Step 6: Pick up the order in the selected time slot if a ready for pick up confirmation has been received.


  • There must be at least 4 hours between ordering and the beginning of the time slot. Be aware of this when a date and time slot is selected.
  • Pick up of the order is only possible if a ready for pickup confirmation has been received. An order confirmation is not the same as a pick up confirmation.

It is also possible that an order is ready earlier or later than the chosen time slot. Try to pickup within the timeslot at all times after receiving a ready for pick up confirmation. In addition, no urgent orders can be placed, so please wait patiently for the pick up confirmation at all times.