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Drivers for USB to Serial Converters

To program microcontrollers, or to communicate with certain devices, USB to serial converters (or USB to UART converters) are used. These converters allow the computer to communicate with the device or microcontroller at a lower level. Computers usually need drivers to support these converters.

This page provides an overview with drivers (and possibly further instructions) of the USB to serial converters used by the products we sell. Which USB to serial converter a product uses is stated on the product page, on the packaging or on one of the linked information pages.


CP2102, CP2104

CH9102, CH9102F

*For Windows, the driver should be installed automatically.

CH340, CH340C, CH340E, CH340G, CH340T


*If the driver doesn't work with Mac OSX, see the following GitHub post for a solution:

PL2303HX, PL2303RA, PL2303TA

Note: The PL2303HX is officially only supported up to and including Windows 7. If your computer has Windows 8 or higher, it is recommended not to use this product.