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Orders that have been placed on Monday-Friday before 17:00 will, under normal conditions, be shipped the same day (holidays excluded).

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are based on the weight, size, delivery address and subtotal of the order. For more details, see the additional information.

Shipping method Cost
Mailbox post standard €2.50
Mailbox post track & trace €4.25 - €4.75*
Parcel post standard €5.95* (Free from €100)
Parcel Post International See shipping costs abroad
Pick up in Eindhoven €0.00

* Free or reduced based on order amount.

Extra Information

The system automatically determines whether it is possible to ship your order by standard mailpost. For some orders this shipping method will not be applicable due to either its size, weight, quantity, the subtotal or the shipping address. In those cases, we can only offer shipment via parcelpost. We also provide the option to pickup your order in Eindhoven.

In addition to shipping an order, it is also possible to pick up an order. Check the pickup location page for more information.

Mailbox post is only possible if the total of desired products fit through a mailbox in terms of dimension and weight (volume). The PostNL shiping costs in The Netherlands depend on the subtotal (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping costs).

NOTE: based on weight and/or volume it might be possible that we select a different shipping method than the one you had selected. We do this, because it may be cheaper or secure in some cases. In most of these cases you might have selected standard mailbox post, this is then changed to mailbox post track&trace or standard parcel post.

An overview of the costs is displayed below:

  €0,00 - €24,99 €25,00 - €74,99 €75,00 - €99,99 €100,00 - €249,99 €250 or more
Standard mailbox post €2,50 €2,50 ** ** **
Mailbox post track & trace €4,75 €4,25 ** ** **
Standard parcel post €5,95 €5,95 €2,50 €0,00 **
PostNL pickup point*** €5,95 €5,95 €2,50 €0,00 **
PostNL pickup point insured*** ** ** ** ** €0,00
Parcel post (signature needed)
Parcel post (only delivery address)
Parcel post (signature needed and only delivery address)
€6,95 €6,95 €3,95 €1,00 **
Insured parcel post ** ** ** ** €0,00

** This shipping method is not possible in this price range.

*** Currently not yet available during checkout, but you can contact us for shipping to a pickup point.

TinyTronics exclusively ships from The Netherlands using the PostNL services. Your order will only be shipped after payment has been received (except for approved companies that pay on account). With PayPal Express Checkout, iDEAL, SOFORT Banking and BanContact, payments are received directly. Digital transfers usually take 1 work day, manual transfers take up to 5 work days.

The expected delivery time under normal circumstances for shipments within The Netherlands are shown here:

  Mailbox post standard  Mailbox post track & trace   Parcel post
Delivery days Tuesday through Saturday Tuesday through Saturday  Monday through Saturday
Average delivery time** 1-3 delivery days 1-3 delivery days 1 delivery day
Delivery time at the latest** 5 delivery days 5 delivery days 3 delivery days

** PostNL claims that it will deliver mailbox post in the Netherlands within one working day, but experience shows that this claim does not always hold, especially for small villages and distant cities compared to Eindhoven. For mailbox post, we therefore recommend that you take a delivery time of 1-3 days into account, which in some cases could take up to a week. 

Note: Any delay can occur due to sorting errors, address errors or busy periods around holidays. Around the holidays, we assume that the latest delivery time is doubled. If you need your products before a specific date, we suggest you take some delay into account when placing your order. Has your order not been delivered within the maximum delivery time (incl. delays)? Please contact us for delivery problems.

For orders that need to be shipped abroad (outside of the Netherlands), parcelpost is the only possible shipping. The shipping costs that PostNL charges are dependent on the concerning country and the subtotal of the order (excl. VAT). In the diagram below we give an overview for the shipment costs (indicated prices excluding VAT)

Insured parcel post to: €0.00 - €249.99 €250 or more
Austria €15.56 €0.00
Belgium €6.57 €0.00
Bulgaria €24.00 €8.00
Croatia €24.00 €8.00
Cyprus €24.00 €8.00
Czech Republic €21.13 €5.13
Denmark €16.06 €0.00
Germany €8.82 €2.82
Estonia €24.00 €8.00
Finland €21.93 €5.93
France €14.39 €0.00
Greece €24.00 €8.00
Hungary €21.12 €5.12
Ireland €20.28 €4.28
Italy €16.18 €0.00
Latvia €24.00 €8.00
Lithuania €24.00 €8.00
Luxembourg €12.18 €0.00
Malta €24.00 €8.00
Poland €21.35 €5.35
Portugal €17.79 €1.79
Romania €24.00 €8.00
Slovakia €21.10 €5.10
Slovenia €22.15 €6.15
Spain €17.79 €1.79
Sweden €18.99 €2.99

TinyTronics exclusively sends with PostNL from The Netherlands to foreign countries. Parcel delivery usually takes 1-5 business days, depending on the destination. Please consult the website of PostNL for the latest information regarding your country. Bear in mind, this is merely an indication of shipping time, shipping can take noticibly longer (especially to countries far away from the Netherlands)

We offer different shipping methods, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages

Pick up in Eindhoven
+ Inexpensive
+ Fast
+ Secure
- Pick up
- Pick up only during pickup hours
We offer the option for you to pick up your order easily and relatively fast. Check the pickup location page for more information.


Standard mailbox post
+ Inexpensive
+ Ideal for small orders
- Unavailable for larger orders
- Not traceable
- Delivery might take longer
- Only available in the Netherlands
Following pick up, this shipping method is the cheapest, and it is ideal for smaller orders. Keep in mind that standard mailbox post is not traceable and we or PostNL have no insight into this either. We therefore advise to choose parcel post for "more important" orders, as with this method you have detailed track & trace information.

Mailbox post track & trace
+ Cheaper than parcel post
+ All the advantages of standard mailbox post
+ Traceable
- Unavailable for larger orders
- Delivery might take longer
- Only available in the Netherlands
This shipping method actually has all the advantages of standard mailbox post, and on top of that it is also traceable. The package is scanned on a number of points, which gives a better idea of where the order is located. Note, the tracking information is less detailed than the tracking of parcel post.

Parcel post standard
+ Perfect for large orders
+ Traceable
+ Sturdy
- More expensive than mailbox post
This shipping method offers options for larger orders, your order is also packed extra sturdy and it is traceable. It is the most reliable shipping method, with the lowest  chance of delay. Note, this package can also be delivered to your neighbors and that it does not require a signature.

Parcel post with signature and/or home address only
+ All the benefits of standard parcel post 
+ Order with more confidence
- More expensive
All the advantages of the standard parcel post, but now you can be sure that it will be delivered to your home and/or that a signature must be placed upon receipt.

Parcel insured
+ Free for orders of €250,00 or more
+ All the benefits of parcel post with signature and/or home address only
+ Extra Secure
- More expensive
The package is delivered personally at the door, but only after the recipient has signed. This way you are assured that your order will be delivered to the right person. This shipping method is free for all order over €250,00.

International Parcel
+ Insured
+ Traceable
+ For international shipments
- Delivery might take longer
This shipping method is used for international shipments. The parcel is traceable and insured. 

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