About Us


On TinyTronics you will find a selection of handy, fun and especially cheap electronics. The products can be important for your hobby or for your work. The Arduino platform is very popular and the possibilities within this platform have proven themselves! In addition, the class D audio amplifiers that we sell are very popular due to their economy and small size.

TinyTronics strives to set a low price so that (hobby) electronics become very accessible to everyone!



TinyTronics was set up in January 2014 by me, Loek van Leeuwen. As an Electrical Engineering student at HBO I was always shocked by the sky-high prices and so I quickly started looking for alternatives. And they are certainly there! Buying in large quantities turned out to be one, and knowing where to buy was another. It was set up (partly out of frustration) for the often high prices in the Netherlands and of course for you!


Why buy from TinyTronics?

First, TinyTronics offers everything for very low prices. (some customers have asked if it was too good to be true) Almost all the money that comes in goes directly to the purchase of more products. If we sell more, then prices fall and we can expand the product range. That is of course only possible if TinyTronics becomes a success! In this way you help yourself to a permanent address for cheap hobby electronics. We want to thank you in advance for your order and we hope you will find great products here!