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About Us

Founding TinyTronics
TinyTronics was founded in 2014 by Loek van Leeuwen, at the time a student Electrical Engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. While studying electrical engineering, he was astounded by the sky-high prices of electronical components. There simply had to be more affordable alternatives! In order to obtain electrical components for a more affordable price, having knowledge on how and where to buy is crucial. Fed by his passion for many kinds of electronical components (and being typically Dutch), Loek’s knowledge steadily expanded into a viable business opportunity. This is how TinyTronics was born.

In the meantime, TinyTronics has grown from a sole proprietorship to a company with approximately 20 employees with suppliers from different parts of the world. The employees of TinyTronics have very diverse backgrounds. For example, many employees are students from either Eindhoven University of Technology or Fontys University of Applied Sciences, but there are also employees who have their own business and combine this with working at TinyTronics. This results in a mixture of experienced (older) employees and driven younger employees who all have their own expertise and interests. This ensures new knowledge is gathered and that TinyTronics is continuously growing.

Furthermore, Several family members brought their experience when TinyTronics began to grow rapidly, turning TinyTronics into a family business. The combination of all these different kinds of employees creates a very pleasant and comfortable company culture. Although working at TinyTronics is very enjoyable, this culture also ensures productivity.

Due to the exponential growth, TinyTronics has moved several times in the past years. The increased size of our warehouse has enabled TinyTronics to have an ever-growing range of different products. This all to benefit our costumers.

Our main focus is offering (hobby) electronics for a low price so it is accessible for everyone. On our website you will find a selection of handy, fun and especially affordable electronics.