Besides picking up your order, you can also ship it. We offer several options for the shipment of your order. The different shipping methodes and the corresponding prices can be found below underneath the heading "Costs".

Delivery time - The Netherlands
TinyTronics exclusively sends with PostNL from The Netherlands and ships after payment received (exept for approved companies that pay on account).
With PayPal, iDeal, Softort Banking, Bitcoin and BanContact, payments are received directly. Digital transfers usually take 1 work day, manual transfers up to 5 work days.

The expected arrivals for The Netherlands are shown here (provided everyting is in stock):
 If you order and pay before 17:00* on:  
 Then the expected arrival is on:  
Please note: PostNL claims that it will deliver standard mailbox post in the Netherlands within one business day, but experience shows that this is not always the case, especially in villages and distant cities compared to Eindhoven, thank you for understanding. For standard mailbox post, we recommend taking into account a delivery time of 1-3 business days which in some cases can go up to a week. Please note that standard mailbox post is not traceable and we cannot inquire with PostNL where your shipment is. For important orders, we therefore recommend choosing a form of parcel delivery to better ensure the fast delivery of your order. In addition, PostNL has different delivery times around the holidays, so take delays into account in those periods.
* It is possible that we also ship some orders placed after 17:00h. This depends on how much time we have left when processing orders.
Delivery time - Abroad
TinyTronics exclusively sends with PostNL from The Netherlands to foreign countries. 
If your order is shipped with standard mail, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. If you use parcel delivery then it usually takes 1-5 business days, depending on the destination.

Costs - The Netherlands
The PostNL shiping costs in The Netherlands depend on the subtotal (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping costs)
This is explained in the table below:
 €0,00-€24,99€25,00-€74,99€75,00-€99,99€100,00-€249,99€250 or more
Standard Mailbox post*€2,50**
Mailbox post Track&Trace*€4,45€3,95**
Standard Parcel post€5,95€2,50€0,00**
Parcel post (signature needed)
Parcel post (only delivery address)
Parcel post (signature needed and only delivery address)
Insured Parcel post

* Mailbox post is only possible if the desired products fit through a Mailbox regarding dimensions and weight (volume).
** This shipping method is not possible in this price range.
NOTE: Based on weight and/or volume it is possible that we choose for a different method of shipment to the one you had selected. We do this, because it may be cheaper in some cases. In most cases you have chosen for Standard Mailbox post and we change this to Mailbox post Track&Trace or Standard Parcel post.

Costs - Abroad
The PostNL shipping costs outside of The Netherlands are independent of the subtotal (incl. 21% VAT) and/or weight. This is explained in the table below (shipping costs are indicated with 21% VAT):
 €0,00-€49,99€50,00-€99,99€100,00-€249,99€250 or more
Insured Parcel post Belgium/Germany€8,95€0,00
Insured Parcel post United Kingdom/Luxembourg€14,95€0,00
Insured Parcel post France/Denmark/Italy/Austria/Spain€17,50€0,00
Insured Parcel post Finland/Ireland/Portugal/Slovak Republic/Czech Republic€22,00€5,00
Insured Parcel post Greece/Estonia/Romania/Latvia/Lithuania€33,00€10,00
Insured Parcel post Sweden/Hungary/Slovenia/Poland€23,50€5,00