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2-4 Weeks RW1820 TO-92 Thermometer Temperature Sensor with cable - Waterproof - DS18B20 compatible

RW1820 TO-92 Thermometer Temperature Sensor with cable - Waterproof - DS18B20 compatible

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Model: RW1820CABLE
SKU: 000288
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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The RW1820 temperature sensor, processed in a stainless steel housing and extended with a cable of about 100cm.
The RW1820 sensor is largely compatible with the DS18B20 sensor. We have explained the main differences in the table below (based on the datasheet):

Voltage range+2.8 - + 5.5V DC+3.0 - + 5.5V DC
Accuracy(-10°C - + 85°C)±0.5°C±0.5°C
Accuracy(+ 35°C - + 45°C)±0.5°C±0.5°C
Temperature conversion time80ms750ms
Optional resolution(faster conversion)7 - 12 bits9 - 12 bits
Ability to calibrateYes, via "OTP"No
"Parasite power mode"Yes, with 10nF capacitor between Vcc and groundYes, no external components required
ESD protection±8kV±2kV

Explanation "parasite power mode":
The RW1820 has no built-in capacitor without external components in the "parasite power mode" to be able to work. This can be done by adding a 10nF capacitor over the Vcc and ground. We also tested this and got it working with a 100nF capacitor. Make sure that you do not short-circuit the Vcc and ground pin as you would have to do with the DS18B20 in "parasite power mode". With the RW1820 you only need to connect the ground, datapin and capacitor between the Vcc and ground pin. Also note that the function"Read Power Mode", command "B4h" does not give a correct result. The RW1820 always gives a high signal as described in the datasheet on page 13 and as our tests also show.

Pinout of the wires:

  • Red: Vcc/V +/plus
  • White: data
  • Black: Gnd/min

For more information see the translated datasheet under the tab "Downloads and Links".
Please note:This datasheet has been automatically translated and contains errors in the layout and possible errors/ambiguities in the translated text.

ThumbFile NameFile SizeDownloadedDownload
rw1820 datasheet EN translated.pdfrw1820 datasheet EN translated.pdf5.04MB1784Download
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Deze compatible sensor is inderdaad veel sneller als de 'standaard' DS18B20. Voor sommige toepassingen kan de wachttijd van 750 ms per meting lang zijn en dan is de meettijd van 80 ms van deze sensor welkom.

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