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Yes, an order (or part of an order) can be returned if it matches the following criteria: 
  1.  The item(s) must be in mint condition.
  2.  The return has been requested within 14 days after receiving the order.
To return your order you have to submit a request via the return form, which is listed below. Whereafter we will process the request. We will sent you an e-mail, to inform you if the request has been approved or declined. If approved, you will also receive instructions to return the order.
The product(s) must be shipped in the original packaging (e.g. ESD bag, cardboard box, etc.) including any documentation that came with it. Make sure the products are packed securely and impact-resistant so that vulnerable parts are protected during transport.
After your return request has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail with instructions including the return address.
Yes, it is possible to return an order at our pickup location. Note, you first have to register the return via the return form below.
This depends on the situation:
  1. When the entire order has been returned, you will receive the full purchase amount including shipping costs.
  2. When only a part of the order has been returned, the shipping costs will not be refunded.*

*Note, returning a product changes the total order value, which might change the discount on shipping. E.g. if the order value was €150,- and a product of €60,- has been returned, the new order value is €90,-. The refunded amount will be €60,- minus the difference in the paid shipping costs and newly calculated shipping costs.

You can return your order for free by returning it at our pickup location. When you choose to ship the order to us, the shipment costs are at your own expense. In some exceptional cases we will create a free-return label, for example in cases where a product is returned under warranty or for examining possible defects.
It is not possible to exchange an order. What is possible is to return a (partial) order within the return period. The return request can be made below. The desired products you can order via a new order.

Return request

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