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LilyGO TTGO T-Thrust Model Airplane Motor Kit - ESP8266

LilyGO TTGO T-Thrust Model Airplane Motor Kit - ESP8266
LilyGO TTGO T-Thrust Model Airplane Motor Kit - ESP8266
  • Availabilty: Directly available from warehouse in Eindhoven
  • Model: LILYGO-H247
  • SKU: 004569
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The LilyGO T-Thruster is a kit based on an ESP8266 microcontroller and two DC motors. The kit can be used to make a remote-controlled airplane, for example with styrofoam.

See the following page to get started with T-Thruster and download the App, see the following page: T-Thruster

Note: We do not have building instructions available for an airplane.

Note: No battery included. Keep in mind that the battery used must be able to handle the relatively high current that the motors can draw.

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Brand LilyGO TTGO
Manufacturer model/SKU H247
Model revision V1.2
Features Microcontroller
General physical appearance
Main color Black
Weight [g] 16
(complete kit)
Dimension X [mm] 57
(including PCB antenna)
Dimension Y [mm] 27
Form factor Module (general)
General electrical properties
Minimum supply voltage [V DC] 3.3
(lower possible via Li-ion/Li-Po battery)
Maximum supply voltage [V DC] 3.3
(higher possible via Li-ion/Li-Po battery)
Minimum recommended supply current [A] 5.5
(via batterij)
Minimum IO-pin input voltage [V] 3.3
Maximum IO-pin input voltage [V] 3.3
IO-pin output voltage [V] 3.3
Maximum IO-pin source current [mA] 12
Maximum IO-pin sink current [mA] 12
Manufacturer Espressif
Chip series ESP8266
Maximum clock frequency [MHz] 80
Number of cores 1
Internal memory
(S)RAM [KB] 160
Flash memory [MB] 4
EEPROM type Emulated
Hardware interface(s) SPI
Number of IO-pins 6
Maximum available hardware PWM channels 0
Maximum available analog input pins (ADC) 1
Maximum available analog output pins (DAC) 0
Maximum available hardware UART interfaces 1
Maximum available hardware I2C interfaces 0
Maximum available hardware SPI interfaces 0
USB to serial converter None
Wireless communication
Interface(s) Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi chip/SoC ESP8266
Wi-Fi frequency [GHz] 2.4
Motor type DC-motor
Maximum motor voltage [V DC] 4.2
Maximum continuous RMS current per phase [A] 2.5
Phase resistance [Ω] 1.3
Power supply connector(s) Through hole pin(s) (2.54mm)
IO-connector(s) Through hole pin(s) (2.54mm)
Battery connector(s) JST-PH (compatible) male
Motor connector(s) JST-PH (compatible) male
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna connector Built-in antenna
Package contents
Package contents 1x TTGO T-Thruster
2x Motor
2x propeller
3x JST-PH (compatible) 2p female to loose wires cable

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