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Data Logging Shield

Data Logging Shield
Data Logging Shield
  • Availabilty: Directly available from warehouse in Eindhoven
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A shield with an RTC and SD card holder/reader (SD card is connected directly to the Arduino via the shield). This allows you to easily log data with time stamps and put it on an SD card. There is a 3.3V level converter on the shield so you can easily use it with a 5V Arduino.


  • Supply voltage: 5V DC
  • Signal voltage: 5V
  • RTC:
    • Chip: DS1307
    • Communication: I2C
    • Battery: CR1220
  • SD card adapter:
    • Suitable SD card format: Standard
    • Built-in level converter: Yes
  • Shield for: Uno, Leonardo and Mega*


  • DS1307: A4 (SDA), A5 (SCL)
  • SD card: 10(CS), 11(MOSI/DI), 12(MISO/DO), 13(CLK)

Package contents:

  • 1x Data Logging Shield
  • 1x CR1220 battery

Note: The shield is not compatible with 3.3V boards!

*Note: The shield is standard compatible with the Arduino Uno. Other boards such as the Leonardo or Mega will have to use libraries that support software I2C and SPI.

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