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Model: CC2530UART
A module to send and receive UART wirelessly via 2.4Ghz Zigbee. You can use two modules to send data or multiple modules to send/receive data to multiple modules. Specifications: Input voltage: 3.3-5.5 VDC Current: <30 mA Data rate: ..
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This CC2531 USB Stick is a complete ZigBee transceiver with a 9051 CPU and a USB interface in one chip. In addition, this module contains 2 buttons, 2 LEDs and 8 IO pins that can be programmed to allow sensors to work with this ZigBee module, for exa..
Ex Tax:€6.41
Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0 Module - uFL connector
Model: XB3-24Z8UT-J
An XBee3 Zigbee 3.0 module with an uFL connector to connect an antenna (antenna is not included). Compatible with the Xbee V3 Arduino Adapter Shield to connect to an Arduino. Specifications: Type: XB3-24Z8UT-J Data rate: 25..
Ex Tax:€23.14
Model: LILYGO-H555
The T-ZigBee from LilyGO is a development board with two microcontrollers: An ESP32-C3 and a TLSR8258. As a result, the board has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and ZigBee, among other things. For example, with this board it is possible to make a ZigBee bridge...
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Model: M5STACK-M031-Z Brand: M5Stack
This is a ZigBee module from M5Stack that is suitable for use with the M5Core(2). Specifications: Supply voltage: 5-12V DC (via DC jack) Signal voltage: 3.3V ZigBee transceiver: Chip: CC2630F128 Frequency: 2.4GHz Maximum comm..
Ex Tax:€22.73
Model: M5STACK-U110 Brand: M5Stack
With this M5Stack ZigBee unit it is possible to communicate with other ZigBee devices. This unit comes with a Grove cable which makes it easy to connect to other M5Stack products. Specifications: Supply voltage: 5V DC Signal voltage: 3.3V ..
Ex Tax:€18.18
Ex Tax:€19.01
XBee S2C Zigbee Module
Model: XBEES2C
An XBee Zigbee module. Can be used with the Xbee V3 Arduino Adapter Shield to connect directly to an Arduino Specifications: Data rate: 250 Kbps (RF), 1 Mbps (Serial) Bereik: 60 m indoor, 1200 m outdoor. Data interface: UART, SPI ..
Ex Tax:€15.70
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