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Model: DFROBOT-TEL0156 Brand: DFRobot
A fiber optic cable from DFRobot...
Ex Tax:€20.25
Model: DFROBOT-TEL0155 Brand: DFRobot
A fiber optic cable from DFRobot...
Ex Tax:€7.02
Model: GOOBAY72906
This Lightning USB cable is suitable for charging and data transfer of Apple devices. See the datasheet under the tab "Downloads" for more information...
Ex Tax:€10.74
Model: M5STACK-A088 Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€2.89
Model: M5STACK-A088-A Brand: M5Stack
A cable and connector set from M5Stack which is well suited for serial communication such as RS-232 or RS-485 due to the shielding...
Ex Tax:€3.72
Model: M5STACK-A088-B Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€4.13
Model: M5STACK-A088-C Brand: M5Stack
Ex Tax:€7.44
Model: OPUSBTO4.0X1.7DC Brand: Orange Pi
If you do not have a 5V 2A DC adapter with 4.0x1.7mm DC jack to power your Orange Pi you can use this cable in combination with your standard (2A) USB charger/power supply...
Ex Tax:€2.48
A SMA female to uFL female cable...
Ex Tax:€0.99
Model: SONOFF-AL010
An adapter cable to connect old Sonoff sensors that have an audio jack to the new Sonoff TH Elite of TH Origin that have an RJ9 connector...
Ex Tax:€1.86
Model: SONOFF-RL560
This extension cable has RJ9 connectors and is suitable for connecting sensors such as the Sonoff THS01 and Sonoff WTS01 to Sonoff TH Elite or TH Origin. Note: This cable is not compatible with the Sonoff DS18B20...
Ex Tax:€3.31
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