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LT3652 Solar Power Battery Charge Module - MPPT

LT3652 Solar Power Battery Charge Module - MPPT

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Model: LT3652MOD
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With this module based on the LT3652 chip, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) uses a solar panel ( this, for example) to charge a Li-Po/Li-ion battery as efficiently as possible.


  • Input voltage (output voltage solar panel): 7-32V DC
  • Maximum charging current: 450mA (can be increased, see below)
  • Minimum power solar panel: 3.5W
  • Maximum output voltage: 4.2V

For more information about the LT3652, see the datasheet under the tab "Downloads and Links".

Pinout :

  • VIN: Input voltage; positive (+) connection of the solar panel
  • BATT: Positive (+) connection of the battery
  • LODA: Positive (+) connection of the load
  • GND: Ground/min
  • SET: Pin to set the MPPT point, see instructions below
  • NTC: Allows a loading time to be set, see the datasheet for more information
  • FAULT: Error indicator pin: When an error occurs, this pin is pulled down (to GND)
  • CHRG: Charge indicator pin: When the solar panel charges the battery, this pin is pulled down (to GND)


  1. Connect the solar panel you want to use, but no load or battery;
  2. Aim the solar panel directly at the sun and measure the voltage between the SET and GND pins;
  3. Turn the potentiometer with a screwdriver until the SET pin is between 2.8V and 3.0V;
  4. The module is now set as efficient as possible, now connect a Li-Po/Li-ion battery and optionally a load.

Note: This module has no battery protection circuit, it is recommended to use one!

Increase charge current :

The charging current can be increased by soldering an extra resistor at the pins of R_SEN:

  • R_SEN = 1 Ohm: Maximum charging current is 550mA
  • R_SEN = 0.5 Ohm: Maximum charging current is 650mA
  • R_SEN = 0.33 Ohm: Maximum charging current is 750mA
  • R_SEN = 0.22 Ohm: Maximum charging current is 800mA

Note: Make sure that the battery can also handle the increased charge current!

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